The “Steinbeis-Forschungszentrum Systementwurf und Test” can provide comprehensive equipment directly or in the context of a cooperation, which offer short-term and extensive testing for in-house and customer development.

Advantest 93K

  • Test Head A
  • Digital: 4 Pin Scale 1600 cards
    • upto 512 usable I/O Pins
    • 16 MByte parallel vector memory 
    • Maximum data rate100Mbps
    • (licensable up to 1600Mbps)
    • V range standard: -3V … +8V
    • V range highvoltage: -6V … +16V 
    • Overall timing accuracy: <200ps
  • Analog:1 MBAV8+ Source / Measure unit
    • 4 Source, 4 Measure
    • Source selectable functions: LF, HF, VHF, V source, PMU, HP-PMU
    • Measure selectable functions: LF Digitizer, VHF Digitizer
  • DPS: 1 DPS 128 card with 64 high current / 64 high voltage channels
  • Calibration robot for digital and analog available
    • Used for prototyping test solutions
    • 384 available I/O pins
    • 64 available DPS channels


  • Mobile measuring Chamber for testing of samples bodies in the frequency range from 100 MHz to 6 GHz (lining with foam absorbers and Ferrite tiles).
  • Interfaces: RF / LAN / USB / FO and IEC 60320 outlets (C13)/inlets (C14) for mains-powered test items
  • Suitable for implementing emitted/immunity to interference analysis
  • Signal generator for generating interference signals
  • Spectrum analyser for the measurement of emitted interference

LTX Credence D10

  • Instrument slots for variable configurations, from single to multi site, from digital-only to mixed-signal
  • Digital instruments featuring 96 channels with 200 Mbps on any channel
  • DSP control with 4 channels
  • High-density analog instruments with 16 or 72 channels of high-precision DPS, voltage / current source and measurement capabilities